About Us

Greener Bloomfield is a volunteer group of individuals who have been actively working as the Township of Bloomfield’s Green Team since 2008 advancing the Township’s efforts in the Sustainable Jersey Municipal Certification Program.

The Program, specifically for New Jersey municipalities, provides a roadmap for actions that improve communities that want to go green, save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. Launched in 2009, Sustainable Jersey is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that offers tools, training and financial incentives to support and reward communities as they pursue sustainability programs. Municipalities that achieve Sustainable Jersey certification are considered by their peers, state government and experts and civic organizations in New Jersey, to be among the leaders in the state.

In 2009, the Township of Bloomfield adopted a resolution supporting participation in the Sustainable Jersey Municipal Certification Program and designating Greener Bloomfield to serve as the Township’s authorized agent for certification process, cataloguing and meticulously documenting qualified actions instituted by municipal and community stakeholders while also implementing qualifying sustainability programs of its own. Greener Bloomfield proved to be instrumental in the Township of Bloomfield becoming one of the first 28 municipalities in the State of New Jersey to be awarded Sustainable Jersey Bronze Level certification, having documented 13 completed and approved actions in 7 categories for a total of 140 points and bringing state-wide recognition to Bloomfield’s commitment to creating green and sustainable processes in township operations.

The collaborative partnership between the Township and Greener Bloomfield has continued ever since ensuring that Bloomfield has maintained its Sustainable Jersey certification and, with it, has continued to receive public recognition for its efforts while maintaining its eligibility for the Program’s grants and resources to further grow and improve our community. In October 2021, it was announced that, of the 565 municipalities in the State of New Jersey, 160 were awarded Bronze Level certification and Bloomfield was among those distinguished, having documented 16 completed and approved actions in 9 categories for a total of 175 points.

Get Involved

Currently, Greener Bloomfield’s activities are focused on continuing to gain recognition for the Township’s sustainability efforts through Sustainable Jersey’s Municipal Certification Program to work toward silver level certification. This is done by documenting new and ongoing sustainability initiatives while also identifying and helping develop new ones that meet the Program’s guidelines.

Greener Bloomfield volunteer meetings, resuming in 2022, will typically occur every other month, either virtually or in person. Newcomers are always welcome and are encouraged to reach out via email with any questions about the group.

Additional Resources

  • To learn more about Sustainable Jersey’s Municipal Certification Program and its actions, please visit SustainableJersey.com.